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Date: 10/2023

♡ All items available on our online store are PRE-ORDERS by placing an order you're agreeing that your package will be shipped at a later date. Please check the descriptions for shipping estimates.


Anime New York City!

Date: 10/2023

♡ Find us at ANYC Nov 17-19, 2023. Both information and map coming soon. Due to their rules, we will have all of our original items only! Thank you for your understanding.


Shipping Updates

Date: 10/2023

♡ The only pre-order items we are waiting for are the summer HSR acrylic charms which should be arriving in a couple more weeks. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at any time.

Acrylic Stands

All items are double sided w/ base included


What is Luster Photo Finish? Luster photo prints are a hybrid of glossy photo prints and matte photo prints. Lustre photo prints have rich color saturation that gives a vibrant color finish and, like matte photo prints, they are not vulnerable to fingerprints, whereas glossy photo prints are prone to fingerprints.