🐾 Pre-Orders 🐾

06.22.24 UPDATE: We are excited to announce that all new pre-orders will be available in early July 2024. At this time, we do not have any in-stock items available. Thank you for your understanding and continued support! We will announce when in-stock items are back in our shop.

🐾 Shipping Updates 🐾

06.22.24 UPDATE: Currently, we have a few orders to ship out, which will be completed before we leave for Anime Expo. All upcoming pre-orders will have specific shipping times due to summer events. Please check the descriptions carefully for estimated shipping details!

🐾 Conventions 2024 🐾

06.22.24 Vendor Booths: Katsucon, Sakuracon, LVL UP, Kimochicon, FanimeCon (Night Market), Anime Expo, KuroNekoCon, Otakon, Anime NYC, SacAnime Summer, Saboten. Additional events we attend will be added once we receive confirmation.