Merchandise Announcement: Limited, Last Chance, & More!


Following the completion of the shipping of Halloween enamel pins, the following in-stock items will be reintroduced to our online shop:

  • Uki Dakimakura Goods
  • Vox Dakimakura Goods
  • Oni Blade Dakimakura Goods
  • Genie Dakimakura Goods
  1. Crucial Update: Please be informed that Uki and Vox goods were discontinued in the previous year, 2023. The inclusion of any remaining stock will mark the final opportunity to purchase these items. The sale will persist until all remaining in-stock items are depleted. Kindly note that certain items have extremely limited quantities.  
  2. All Genie Dakimakura designs will be low-stocked, but these are also slated for discontinuation by the end of 2024. This marks the final opportunity to collect older designs.

Additionally, charms, prints, and remaining Halloween enamel pins will soon be added to our shop.

Thank you for your continued support & stay tuned,
Riku Morningstar


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