Shipping & Handling


Refer to this page to stay updated on transit and shipping times specific to your country or region. I, Riku handle the packing and processing personally, managing most aspects independently throughout the year. Typically, orders are packed and dispatched twice a month, with more frequent drop-offs during slower sale periods.


During high-demand conventions we attend or holiday shopping seasons, the packing time may extend to 7-14 business days, and post office drop-offs may occur less frequently. While efforts are made to minimize fulfillment time, the processing is typically a manual, solitary task. Please allow additional time during these peak periods. Unforeseen events, like inclement weather, may further delay order packing. All orders are processed in the sequence they are received unless items arrive faster than estimated times.

Upon label printing, you'll receive an email notification with a tracking code. In case you don't receive the email, check your spam folder or reach out to inquire about your order's status. At present, our shipping options include the most economical choices for both domestic and international orders. If you desire expedited shipping, kindly reach out to us or select a faster shipping method, such as Priority Mail, which comes with quicker processing times for shipping.


As a solo operator, I, Riku, personally handle orders, and processing times may be influenced by sale events or peak shopping seasons. Here are the average processing times for orders, which may vary significantly if pre-orders are involved. Please refer to the item descriptions for pre-order estimated shipping time frames.

Off-Peak Shopping/No Cons: In-Stock Only!

    Standard Shipping (Domestic and Int'l):  5-7 business days
    Priority/Express Shipping (Domestic & Int'l): 3-5  business days

    Peak Shopping/Ongoing Cons: In-Stock Only!

      Standard Shipping (Domestic and Int'l):  7-14 business days
      Priority/Express Shipping (Domestic & Int'l): 7-14  business days


        Shipping duration refers to the period it takes for USPS or your local postal carrier to convey and deliver your package. Estimating transit times prove challenging due to significant variations between countries, regions, and individual post offices. It's recommended to consult your country's postal service for accurate transit time estimates. Below are approximate transit times for different global regions:

        Australia, New Zealand, & Other: 3-8 weeks
        Canada:  2-4 weeks
        Europe: 3-8 weeks
        Hong Kong:  3-8 weeks
        Japan:  3-8 weeks
        Latin America: 4-12 weeks
        Mexico: 5-18 weeks
        North Africa & Middle East:  4-16 weeks
        United States (Domestic): 1-2 weeks

         Certain transit times may experience delays based on the efficiency and operation of the country's or region's postal system. At present, shipping services to the following countries are temporarily unavailable: 

        Suspensions/Can't Ship To The Following Areas










        Sudan Ukraine United Kingdom

        Suspension of Priority Mail Express International Guarantee


        Great Britain




        Hong Kong

        New Zealand









         These suspensions will be in effect until further notice. The Postal Service is taking all reasonable measures to minimize the impact on our customers.


        USPS Holidays: Shipping dispatch times may be affected during these holidays, as we could be attending conventions or the post offices may be closed.

        • New Year's Day
        • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
        • President's Day
        • Memorial Day
        • Independence Day
        • Labor Day
        • Columbus Day
        • Veterans Day
        • Thanksgiving Day
        • Christmas Day

        Manufacture Holidays: Shipping times for pre-orders may be affected during these holidays, as manufacturers may be closed.

        • New Year: January 1, 2024 (one rest day)
        • Spring Festival (Chinese New Year): February 10 to February 17, 2024 (eight rest days in total). Employers are encouraged to arrange paid leave for employees on Chinese New Year’s Eve (February 9). Adjusted working days: February 4, 2024 (Sunday) and February 18, 2024 (Sunday).
        • Tomb Sweeping Festival (Ching Ming Festival): April 4 to April 6, 2024 (three rest days in total, in connection with one weekend day). Adjusted working days: April 7, 2024 (Sunday).
        • Labor Day: May 1 to May 5, 2024 (five rest days in total). Adjusted working days: April 28, 2024 (Sunday) and May 11, 2024 (Saturday).
        • Dragon Boat Festival: June 10, 2024 (three rest days in total, in connection with the weekend).
        • Mid-Autumn Festival: September 15 to September 17, 2024 (three rest days in total). Adjusted working days: September 14, 2024 (Saturday).
        • National Day: October 1 to October 7, 2024 (seven rest days in total). Adjusted working days: September 29, 2024 (Sunday) and October 12, 2024 (Saturday).

        Long Transit Times: Shipping via USPS may experience extended transit times, varying from country to country, due to the postal system's operational speed and efficiency. Please anticipate potential delays, especially during peak seasons or unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, check the list of countries currently unavailable for shipping.

        Holiday Season: As the holiday season approaches, shipping and dispatch times may be subject to delays, potentially impacting the prompt delivery of orders. Please consider possible disruptions during this festive period and stay informed about any updates related to holiday season delays.

        Weather & Natural Disasters: Adverse weather conditions and unforeseen natural disasters can have an impact on shipping and transit times. Please be aware that such circumstances may lead to delays in the processing and delivery of your orders. Stay informed about any weather-related disruptions that could affect the transportation of packages.


        We prioritize the safety and well-being of your orders by taking extra measures to protect and handle each package with the utmost care. For international shipments, we provide additional padding to account for the longer distance. Delicate items, including prints, enamel pins, or large orders, are meticulously packed in heavy-duty boxes to withstand the rigors of USPS handling. Your satisfaction and the safe arrival of your items are our top priorities.

        We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact. In our efforts to reduce plastic and cardboard waste, we may occasionally reuse boxes that are still in excellent condition. All packing materials included with your order are recyclable, except peanuts and masking tape. We appreciate your understanding and support as we strive to contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging approach.

        We are happy to provide enhanced shipping options for both domestic and international customers, tailored to individual cases. Feel free to reach out to me to explore potential upgrades for your shipment. Please note that upgraded international shipping options tend to be more expensive and are advisable mainly for sizable and time-sensitive orders. Generally, the following upgraded shipping alternatives can be considered.

        • USPS Domestic First Class Mail to Priority/Express Mail.
        • USPS First Class International Mail to DHL/UPS/FEDEX Express Mail.


          It is illegal to provide inaccurate information on customs forms, such as falsely marking a commercial parcel as a gift. Violating these regulations can lead to severe consequences, including heavy fines or imprisonment. Customers are responsible for any customs fees associated with their packages, and this is non-negotiable.

          For international customers, you may be notified by your postal authority about outstanding customs fees. This fee is typically incurred after your parcel has been cleared by your customs service, and it must be paid by you before the postal authority delivers your parcel. Failure to pay the customs fee may result in the re-routing of the package back to our business P.O BOX. Customs fees are beyond our control and fall under the jurisdiction of your country's customs service. If your parcel undergoes inspection by your country's customs service, it may experience additional delays of 2-4 weeks.


          • Domestic Mail: Packages within the United States that are returned, will be re-shipped to customers, but additional shipping fees will be required. We do not cover the costs associated with the return and re-shipment of packages.

          • International Mail: Packages with outstanding customs fees or unclaimed parcels will be sent back to our P.O. BOX. If you missed claiming your package and it is returned, we can arrange for a re-shipment, but only after the package is back in our possession and the re-shipping fee has been paid. The return process may take anywhere between 2-6 weeks, depending on the origin. Since we do not receive notifications for returned packages, we make it a point to check our P.O. BOX at least once a week. We strongly recommend using a mail forwarding service for those who encounter difficulties receiving packages from the United States.


          • Mail forwarding services are a convenient solution for international buyers who want to streamline the shipping process. These services provide you with a unique U.S. address, allowing you to receive packages from U.S.-based sellers efficiently. Once your packages arrive at the designated address, the forwarding service can consolidate your items, helping you save on shipping costs. Additionally, they offer the flexibility to choose shipping carriers and shipping methods, and can even assist in managing customs documentation. Overall, mail forwarding services empower international buyers to overcome shipping challenges and enjoy a more seamless shopping experience from U.S. sellers.

          • Although we can furnish tracking numbers for international packages shipped via Priority Mail and Express Mail, it's important to note that tracking information for first-class packages may cease to function beyond the borders of the United States. In essence, not all tracking numbers provided for customers will remain operational outside our country. To ensure accurate tracking throughout the entire journey to your destination, we highly recommend reaching out to us, especially for customers with orders exceeding $100. Any packages surpassing the size or weight limitations for First Class Mail will be automatically upgraded to Priority International Mail during the checkout process.


          What to Do When Your Order is Missing or Other Situations Arise:

          1. Package Marked as Delivered but Not Found: If your tracking information indicates that the package has been delivered but you can't locate it, be sure to thoroughly check your porch, and mailbox, and inquire with neighbors. Sometimes, packages may be mistakenly left nearby.

          2. Attempted Delivery with No One at Home: In cases of an attempted delivery where no one was available, check for a delivery note left by USPS with instructions on claiming your package. If no note is present, promptly contact your local post office or visit in person for further guidance. Typically, packages are held for a few days, or a re-delivery attempt is made the following day.

          3. Packages Sent to the Wrong Address: Always double-check and update your address information to avoid misdelivery. Packages sent to an incorrect address due to missing or inaccurate details will not be refunded. Exercise caution during checkout, ensuring the accuracy of sensitive information before submission.

          4. Package Stolen: In the unfortunate event of package theft, file a THEFT CASE with USPS. Depending on the value, consider reporting the crime to local authorities, especially if theft is prevalent in your neighborhood. Make an official report on the USPS website. If packages are lost during transit after an additional week for domestic or two weeks for international, contact USPS directly for more details. Please note, that we do not provide replacements or refunds for these situations under any circumstances, but we do offer this information for further assistance from USPS so that they may be able to either locate your package or provide some sort of compensation. 

          • United States: File a package claim which can be processed HERE! If you need further assistance filling out information that it's asking for that you do not have please contact us with all the details required.
          • International: As each country has its procedures for handling such cases, we regret to inform you that we cannot provide precise guidance on how to address these issues. We recommend reaching out to your local post office for assistance and additional resources. We are unable to replace your items and re-ship your package. Since many of our items, particularly fanworks like dakimakura, are "made to order," we do not maintain a surplus inventory. However, feel free to contact us to inquire about any potential leftovers, and we can explore suitable arrangements if available.


          • Shipping fees are determined by the weight of each item and are automatically calculated at checkout. If you reside in California, please note that you will be subject to a tax fee based on local and state taxes. A detailed breakdown of these fees will be provided during the check-out process.
          • Additionally, a handling fee is applied to every order during checkout, and this fee is also included in all custom invoices. The handling fee assists us in covering labor, shipping, and some material costs. For any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us at any time.

                COMBINE PRE-ORDERS! 

                • Smart Shipping Strategy: Contact us to combine your pre-orders for efficient delivery!
                • Optimize Your Shipping: Reach out before ordering multiple pre-orders to combine your shipments into one. Recommended for both domestic and international buyers. LET US HELP YOU ON SHIPPING COST!
                • Failure to Contact will result in store credit for excess shipping paid; no refunds and no exceptions. 
                • Why Do We Encourage Combined Shipping? At BISHIEPRO Studio, we are committed to providing our valued customers with cost-saving opportunities. We understand the challenges of the current economy and aim to help you save money whenever possible. Beyond the financial benefits, combining shipping also aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility. By consolidating orders, we reduce packaging materials and transportation emissions, contributing to a more sustainable approach. Thank you for joining us in making a positive impact on both your budget and the environment.

                For additional information, please check our Frequently Asked Questions. Thank you, and we hope this information has helped you become more informed about how our studio operates with shipping and handling.