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Night Dancers Vol.1 Charm/Stands [PREORDER]


Summer Shipping Delays!

Due to many summer conventions we are attending please expect longer than normal delays for shipping. Order may take up to 2-3 weeks to ship after ordering for all in-stock products.

A free gift will be added for all orders as a thank you for your patience.


Night Dancers Vol.1 Charm/Stands [PRE-ORDER]

*Ordering Period: Aug 22nd - Sep 30th, 2022
*Scheduled To Be Shipped: 
Mid-November 2022

*4" Acrylic Charms + Base
*Rainbow w/ Epoxy
*Matching Color Metal Clasps
*Small Discount w/ Full Set


Producer: Riku - Instagram: @rikumorningstar
Chi Arielucia - Instagram: @luciarielucia 

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