BISHIEPRO is a creative studio specializing in both original and fandom works. Our original VLOVED series takes center stage, showcasing a unique and captivating universe. We bring these worlds to life through diverse high-quality merchandise, including charms, acrylic stands, pillowcases, enamel pins, prints, and more. We craft imaginative and visually stunning creations that resonate with our audience. Explore our collection and immerse yourself in the artistry of BISHIEPRO Studio.

Behind The Scenes

Riku / Creator & Author

Greetings to All! A warm welcome from the creator of VLOVED! I am diligently crafting a captivating manga series for your enjoyment. Thank you for exploring our shop, and I genuinely hope you discover something you adore. Your support means the world to us as it continues to give us more opportunities to create even more wonderful designs. I have two black cats called Reborn & Tsuna who are the love of my life.

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King / Illustrator & Comics

HI! I'm King! I use clip studio paint to draw and I worked as an illustrator for over 10 years now. I like chocolate, milk tea, sweet things, and fluffy animals that make me feel relaxed (*'▽'*). I'm the main artist for our original series VLOVED. A pleasure to meet you all! You can find more illustrations that I have worked on for popular VTubers & other companies on the social media link below, thank you for liking my work!

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Chii / Illustrator & Comics

Hello, my name is Chii! I am a ninja because I am always disappearing when I have a lot of work to catch up on. I love RazorxBennett and PLAVE! I have two cats that are my world. I'm the main chibi artist for VLOVED as well as other projects for the studio. I enjoy drawing chibis and using different styles and coloring methods. Thank you for visiting, you can view all my illustrations on the link below.

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Siiv / Graphic Designer

Greetings! It's Siiv, your friendly freelancing artist or graphic designer. I love being a part of the team, Let's get along and grow together! I work on finalized graphics for the products that you see in our shop. Find more of my work on the link below, thank you!

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Chro / Rigged Animation

Hi, I'm Chro aka Chii's partner in crime. I occasionally draw and create rigged illustrations for the studio. I'm always tired and out of energy, but beautiful men give me life! You can find more about me on the link below, thank you for visiting, and have a great day!

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More Talent Coming Soon

Are you keen on joining our studio? If you believe your talents align with our values and objectives, feel free to reach out to us with your portfolio. Although we're not actively hiring, we welcome contact from talented individuals interested in joining our team.

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